We're sure you have some questions. Maybe this can help answer some for you.

    Q: Can you schedule interviews?

    A: We can assist management and record companies with coordinating media interviews, sending out press kits, sample CD�s and photo�s. We work with record companies and publicists on various aspects of publicity. Plus, we'll make sure your bio and fact sheets are updated.

    Q: Can you schedule in-store appearances?

    A: Once again, we can assist management and record companies to get you maximum promotional exposure for bookstore autograph parties. We'll make sure the bookstore is committed to in-store appearances by keeping them accountable. We want to ensure a great experience for customers, bookstores and artists. Plus, we'll check to see that posters are up regarding the upcoming concert.

    Q: Do you help bands with concert promotions?

    A: Yes. We help bands move to next level promotionally by working directly with promoters. We can promotionally advance concerts and coach promoters in all areas of promotion regarding concerts. We can confirm that they've been given a time-line for promotions and that they stick with it! We also help promoters in time of need with idea�s and troubleshooting. By assisting the promoters and working with them closely, there is a level of accountability established. We expect something from them and they need to know that!

    Q: Can you set up a tour?

    A: We can help artists to establish and set up systems in order to help simplify on the road procedures. The main areas we focus on are Merchandising, Interviews and Promotions of Concerts.

    Q: What if we need posters or we want to do a mail-out?

    A: We have established relationships with a national printing company and mailing list service. These companies offer quality printed promotional items and up to date mailing lists. By using these services, we can insure great quality promotional items, state of the art services and continuity of promotional items nationwide at competitive prices.

    Q: Where are you located?

    A: We are located in Lancaster County, PA. Our location in itself is another attribute for artists to work with our company. Cardascia Communications is located approximately ten miles from Downtown Lancaster, PA. We are close to many of the major cities along the Eastern Seaboard.

    Q: What if we want a radio commercial done?

    A: We offer radio spot production services referal. We have access to some of the top radio announcers in the country that can produce quality professional radio spots for your current tour.

Overall, we offer affordable promotional advancement services to assist you in all areas of concert promotion. Plus, working with our company is like having your very own "in-house" promotions person. We can help you reach larger audiences for the Lord. You will increase revenue getting exposure to more people. We'll help to increase your ticket sales. Offer consultation regarding routing to maximize your bands exposure and resources. And we can answer questions regarding concert promotions.

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